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So because we live in Vancouver and Clark County, WA the idea of having a built-in pool is kind of exotic. Our local weather isn’t what you would call hot and humid most of the time. Although they are usually really cool to have. Over the weekend I got to thinking about what goes into the process of installing an inground pool, and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!


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Have some Patience

Swimming pool excavation and setup is a process that needs some patience and tolerance since it’s not something that can be finished within a day or two. Your backyard is going to undergo some heavy duty work that will involve a lot of heavy machinery. In these types of projects, the wait is always worth it.

Here are the steps that will take place before you finally come up with a complete, state of the art swimming pool that you and your friends and family can enjoy for years to come.


The first step of the pool set up begins at the designing stage. A designer will visit the pool site where you will both lay the pool out and indicate the location, shape, and size. This is the step where you can ask as many questions as possible so that you familiarize yourself with all the things you’ll need to know.

The designer will also ask you questions to familiarize with your tastes and desires. He will survey the location, take down the dimensions, the location of the utilities, positioning, etc. Once complete this design will be handed off to the contractor for the scope of work to commence.

The Contractor will then prepare the plan and give you a proposal of the total construction cost.

Permits and approvals

Before commencing with pool excavation and set up, you should ensure you acquire the necessary permits and approvals. Every state has its own requirements for pool construction, and you should follow the right procedure so that you avoid getting into problems with the authority.



This is the pool construction stage. In this stage, all the dirty work begins. It will appear messy but exciting. The excavators will dig carefully following all the specifications and the design. The process may take a couple of days or weeks depending on the manpower, soil condition or weather. The dirt that results from the excavation will be removed while others left behind to be used for the construction process.

Steel construction

At this stage, the backbone of the pool is created. The steel is set to add strength and structure to the pool. The process consists of placing rebar vertically and horizontally according to the pool’s design.

This ensures your pool will stay strong with no cracks for life. After this process is done, the city will send inspectors who will come to verify that it’s done according to the requirements of the state.


At this stage, the pool water and filter equipment will be installed. Plumbing of the pool is designed to give the best circulation and filtration for clear water and easy maintenance. The pressure of the water is also tested, and all pipe connections bonded.

Plumbing is also done according to your pool specifications and design with the required quality and design. All the hydraulic calculations are done to ensure the piping is of the right size and can conserve energy and provide water clarity.


The next process involves the application of gunite which is a mixture of sand, rock, and cement. This stage helps for the shell of the pool and is applied by a professional because it needs to be in place for a lifetime and you can’t risk having it wrongly applied.

The gunite will take some time to set-in correctly, and you may be required to water the pool three times a day for 5 days.

Coping and tiling

The finishing process starts at this stage, and you can now start seeing the beauty of your pool. You should choose a decorative tile of your choice. There are several tiles of different colors, materials and textures to choose from and you are free to select according to your taste.

A high-glazed, weather resistant waterline tile will be hand-laid and crafted carefully by a skilled craftsman. This will take a few days or weeks depending on the workforce and the complexity of the job.


In this stage, the power is connected. The electrical conduit/wire will come from the house’s main electric box to all the locations on the pool according to the design and specifications. The lights are installed at this stage, and all the necessary electrical connections are tied together through electrical breakers.

This process should be done by a licensed and skilled electrician. After the completion of this process, you’ll need to contact city inspectors to come to inspect the project before proceeding to the next step.


Decking should reflect the overall theme of the pool that you had decided on at the design stage and included the type, color, and pattern.

Decking comes in many options with the most popular ones being:


  • Weather treated Wood Decking
  • Concrete Poured Surround
  • Natural Stone Deck
  • Paver Deck




After the completion of the decking process, it is now time to fence in your pool. Many times this is mandatory. Everything required for the fencing is put in place, and only quality materials should be used.


At this stage, all the mess made during the construction time will be cleared so that you can finally have a clear view of the beauty of your pool. If done professionally there should be daily cleanups anyway.

Everything that was disrupted during construction is returned to the place, any trash or wood is hauled away, and the ground manicured, and new grass seed should be spread. This process is not that difficult, and it will only take a day at maximum.

Pool Finish

Plastering is the final stage before your pool is finally filled with water. After plastering, the pool is filled with clean water from your water supply. This process should be inspected by a professional to ensure everything is perfect and your pool can be used.

The expert should ensure everything is functioning properly. You will then be given full instructions on how to operate and maintain the pool. You can also schedule a final inspection at this stage to confirm that everything is okay and by the county, city, and state requirement.

Your pool will require cleaning twice a day for about two weeks. You should ensure the pool is in proper chemical balance for proper pool maintenance.


It is now time to smile because your pool is finished, is in good condition and the water is safe. You can now relax and enjoy yourself. Take time to learn how to operate and maintain the pool so that you save some money on maintenance costs.

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Contact your local Utility Locator 2 days before you dig. call 8-1-1

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Nylund Inc. is an excavation contractor based out of Clark County Washington and in our state, it is the law to have all utilities located before we dig. The same goes for you as a homeowner or business property owner.

Washington State Law – https://apps.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=19.122

Underground Utilities: What are they?

Utility – A service provided by a city or public utility company, such as electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, phone lines, cable, garbage, internet, and more.

Underground Utilities – Pipes and cables that transport electricity, water, gas, and information to each residents and business in a city.