Finding the Right Excavation Contractor

Are you are in the market for a new home, swimming pool, new sewer service, landscape construction, and any other needs that require the movement of mass amounts of soil and earth?

If so, you might be ready or at least be thinking about hiring a professional Excavation company to come out and give an estimate or to start the work on your project.

Professional Excavation Contractor

As a homeowner, you want to feel like your making a wise decision when it comes to your home. When you hire a professional Excavation Contractor like Nylund Inc., you can feel at ease knowing you are giving your project to a company that will take care of all of the necessary work safely and with the customer in mind.

Excavating is a dangerous and challenging vocation that many home and business owners try and take care of themselves. These people rarely realize that without the excavation knowledge of seasoned professionals, damage to your home and property can happen very quickly.

Not only will it be safer to call an excavation professional, but the time frame will be extremely shorter. Excavation contractors can dig with speed and precision that is unmatched by any person, not in the excavation trade.

Please head this advice carefully. Before you head down to your local machine rental shop and rent your bobcat or backhoe, take a look at the list of reasons why you should call a licensed bonded and insured excavation contractor.

We place a high focus on the job at hand,which shows through our quality workmanship.

Nylund Inc.

1. Unknowns in the earth and soils

Please don’t presume that the land you’re looking at is the same that you’ll be digging up!

In some locations, you won’t even need to excavate very long before you hit rocky soil, muddy soil, or outright sand.

Digging through these diverse types of soil can be a pain;

  • Rocky soil – Very hard to break up and a heavy substance.
  • Muddy or overly wet soil – Sloppy messy and can be very difficult to scoop out of a hole or trench.
  • Muddy and Sandy Walls – These can collapse as you dig and can make a job seems like it lasts forever with a never-ending pile that keeps falling in.

A professional excavation contractor will know exactly how to work with the soil that will be moved after doing some testing.

By testing the ground content, the company will then know what resides in the soil and bring in the necessary and best equipment for the scope of work at hand.

2. The Right Tool for the Job


Professional excavation companies own specialized digging and earthmoving equipment that make the excavation project move smoothly and safely.

Here are three larger examples;

Trenchers – Long and slender digging/ripping machines that dig trenches with long metal chains. It acts like a large chainsaw tearing up the soil. Used for Irrigation, Sewer lines, and Water Diversion, to name a few.

Backhoes – having an articulate two-part arm with an attached bucket or some other specialized tool attached at the end, used for digging deep holes and unaccessible pits.

Because of the length it has, it can reach farther than most machines. This machine comes in several sizes as well.

BullDozers – Is a tracked machine that has a pushing blade on the front and is used to push large quantities of soil from one area to another.

There are many varieties of machines and tools that are used in the field when excavating, such as lasers for leveling, water trucks for keeping the dust down, and Dump Tracks for moving the soil in and out of the Jobsite and many more.


3. Decrease the Risk of Property and Community Damage

When your inexperienced in any facet of construction and decide to do a DIY job, you run the risks of causing personal or community damages that might be able to be fixed but, in some instances, can not.

Gas lines, electrical lines, and others are not visible. They can only be located by professional utility markers, which can be called and should be called before anyone even puts a shovel in the ground.

If these steps are not followed, accidents can happen or worse. DEATH!


4. Professional Excavation Contractors Will be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

As Excavation Contractors, we can do our absolute best at locating, testing, and anything else we can do to make sure the job gets done safely and proficiently. Unfortunately, Accidents do happen and they happen more frequently than anybody likes I am sure of that.

Property Damage happens on occasions, and sometimes it is due to human error and sometimes it’s due to just downright bad luck. With either being the cause, it’s a good thing to remember if you don’t already know, most homeowners’ insurance usually does not cover the cost of damages during the process of home improvements.

If property damage does occur or worse, an excavation contractor who is legally licensed, Bonded, and Insured will be able to cover all the losses and costs needed in a claim. Please, for your sake, always check for that.

5. The Dirty Side of Excavation Hazards


The process of getting an excavation contractor hired is already a stressful situation. When you add in the dangers of the job, it tends to add to those stress levels considerably.

When using the heavy equipment, you need to have your head on a swivel if you are operating it or even near it.

Excavating equipment is loud and has many blindsides, and the rule of thumb is you look out for the machine not the other way around. Most likely, the operator cant sees you when he is concentrating on his scope of work, this is dangerous and many people every year get seriously injured or worse when on the Jobsite of an excavation project.

Other dangers are pits. Having workers down in a hole when it collapses is very scary and can kill. There are shoring tools that are needed even when digging the slightest depths to make sure everyone is the absolute safest they can be.

Here is a small list of some Safety Dangers:

·      Pit collapse

·      Machine tipping

·      Bodily harm

·      Hit power lines

·      Hit gas pipes

·      Hit water mains

·      Whiplash

·      Slipping in mud


All of these are dangers and might seem like common sense to avoid, but as we said in this article before, accidents do happen, and they happen much more frequently than one would think and it is unfortunate.

Please make sure when searching for your next Professional Excavation Contractor, you choose one with a superior safety system in place like Nylund Inc.

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