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Nylund Inc. offers a wide range of sewer services in and around Clark County, WA, including main sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, sewer line installs, sewer lateral installs, and sewer line inspections. 

Sewer Line Service

It is essential to hire a qualified Clark County Washington professional like Nylund Inc. to help repair or replace the sewer line before it causes more damage, and possibly starts backing up inside your home or business.

Nylund Inc. offers many sewer services in Vancouver, WA and surrounding area.

  Nylund Inc. Sewer Line Services   Nylund Inc. Sewer Line Services   Nylund Inc. Line Services

Nylund Inc services Clark County, WA as well as some of Cowlitz County, WA. We provide 5-star sewer service and guarantee our customers will be satisfied. With our knowledge and skill, Nylund Inc is a trusted sewer line repair contractor. We begin every job with a sewer inspection to ensure that we are targeting the right sewer line issue. Our sewer line repair technician is familiar with our sewer line inspection camera and uses the footage to show the homeowner exactly what the problem is with the sewer line.

We don’t leave you wondering what is going on with your sewer line repair. We keep you informed every step of the way and are quick to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. We pride ourselves on performing sewer repairs the right way, the first time. That is why we use high-quality tools and parts. Our focus is on doing a good sewer repair job that will last decades. So if you have a sewer line concern and you live between, in, and around Vancouver, WA, and Longview, WA give us a call today!

Common Problems with Old Sewer Lines

  • Root Intrusion: Sewer lines can get clogged, break, and back up from tree roots entering the sewer line. Many times, it starts from a small hole or crack and even an offset in the sewer line and only gets worse over time.
  • Cast-iron sewer pipe: Most homes and business constructed before and in the early 1970s have cast-iron sewer pipes. Cast-iron sewer pipes are sensitive to the type of soil they are in; this can cause rusting and compromise the structural integrity. 
  • Clay sewer pipe: As mentioned above, clay sewer pipes are susceptible to root intrusion. Clay sewer pipes also, have low tensile strength, meaning the pipes will snap easily when put under high pressure.
  • Concrete sewer pipe: A common problem associated with concrete sewer pipes is the buildup of bacteria on the waste in the pipe. During this process sulfuric acid is produced which soaks into the concrete sewer pipe. As the acid soaks in deeper and deeper, the material that holds the concrete together starts breaking down. Soon the concrete sewer pipe no longer has the strength to keep from crushing or cracking.

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Sewer Line Repair

When It comes to sewer lines we typically don’t think about them very often and when we do it is usually because there is a significant issue going on.

When your sewer is not working properly the issues can be small to start, such as a slow tub and shower drain or the problem can gradually get even worse clogging toilets and kitchen sinks and eventually without correction damaged sewer lines can cause all-out sewer backups. Nobody wants this. EVER! 

                                                                                        Nylund Inc. Sewer Line Repair

Nylund Inc. repairing a sewer Line in Clark County, WA 

Unfortunately, it happens and when it does we want you to know that you can count on that Nylund Inc. is here to help you with your sewer line repair, as fast as we can.

With qualified experienced professionals who know how important it is to get the job done right and as fast as we can, so your service is up and running again.

Nylund Inc. is a Clark County Washington premier sewer line repair company that has the know-how to properly tackle a variety of sewer line repairs and replacements in Vancouver, WA.

We are so confident in our professional sewer line repair service that we provide an absolute pledge to customer service with a 5-year warranty, assuring you that your sewer line and other excavation services you may need are in the best possible hands available in SW Washington.

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