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 Septic Tanks is a topic we really don’t talk about until it too late or there is a problem happening at the moment. Problems that arise with failed Septic tanks are usually pretty crappy and tend to cause issues with the homes water and drain systems.

With that being said we have compiled a few warning signs for your home or business to keep an eye out and lets hope you can catch these symptoms before they get out of hand.

If you happen to see puddles forming in your yard in areas that usually don’t hold water or you catch a whiff of a pretty foul odors coming from kitchen or bath drains it might be time to call a professional to replace or at least take a close look at your septic system.

Septic Tanks are most of the time installed where access to city or county utilities are not something that can be hooked up too. Possibly, to rural or in an area that cannot access wastewater sewer systems.

Nylund Inc. is the Local Sewer and Septic professionals to call when these issues arise. You can count on our team of professionals to come to your home or place of business and consult you on the next move. If that is a septic system repair or replacement, we have you covered.

Here are a few tips that can hopefully help.

Backed up sewer system is smelly and gross and nobody likes it. Unfortunately, it is a daily issue throughout Vancouver, WA and Rural Clark County. Because of the age of some of the homes and businesses, there are many septic systems in the area. Thankfully Nylund Inc. is here to help.

We place a high focus on the job at hand,which shows through our quality workmanship.

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Know the signs!

If you smell, hear, or see, any gurgling, raw sewage or odors coming from any drains in or outside the property call us immediately. We can come, inspect the sewer lines with our professional equipment, and find where the issue is arising. Depending on the where and what type of damage has occurred to your system, it’s possible a repair is out of the question and a replacement is necessary.


 A septic tank made from concrete has a lifespan of about 30 – 40 years if it kept up on cleanings and maintenance. Although if you start to notice puddles or soggy areas near or around the septic tank, especially if there has not been any Moisture in the area for a while, you might have a Septic tank failure and it is time to call us at Nylund Inc. Our Sewer Experts can come usually within 24 hours to locate and inspect the issues.

If these issues arise another possibility is that the water table has risen too high and there is nowhere for the treated waste from the septic box to discharge causing sewage to flood the backyard or worse back up into the properties drain system.

If this scenario happens, it is not good. If you are far enough out not to have city utilities you also might not have city water, which means you are probably running of a well. If that is the case, be aware that a backed up septic system can flow into the well water causing emergency issues to your health.

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Nylund Inc. located in Brush Prairie Washington is dedicated to helping homeowners just like you replace their failing septic tank systems. We also offer services for land clearing, general excavation, Sewerline repair and replacement, material delivery and commercial demolition. To schedule your quote for septic tank installation, call 360-605-6733.

It’s monstrous metal blade literally cuts into the earth as it transforms the landscape.

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