Importance of Land Clearing


Why is Nylund Inc. the Right Excavation Contractor for your Land Clearing Project?

Nylund Inc. is Vancouver, WA and its neighboring cities top choice when you’re considering home site excavation or land clearing. Our experienced heavy machine operators can make your ideas become a reality. Tree removal? No problem. Stump Removal? Yes! Site Excavation? Of course. We cater to all your needs when it comes to land clearing and site excavation.

There are many different reasons why customers contact Nylund Inc. to do land clearing. Making room for a new home or structure, an unsafe slope, or possibly a new view might be in order. We know in Clark County Washington we have some spectacular views of the local Pacific NW mountains and If doing some tree removal and land clearing can make a million-dollar view available then by all means, let’s do it.

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Land Clearing Decisions are Hard. Let Nylund Inc. Help!

Deciding on what to do with a land full of old decomposing trees or an already logged property that is full of stumps and blackberries can be a huge weight on your mind. The property could be used for a few different things like a homesite or a local park depending on the location. It doesn’t really matter what or where it is there most likely is a financial aspect to it.

Land clearing comes at a point when there is not anymore use for the property in its current state and either the owner or buyer wants a change.

What comes next is a few ideas or things that might be brought up when trying to decide on what to do with the property once it has reached this point.

Clearing helps make a property usable

Nylund Inc. is called in to do land clearing for several reasons, but the most common is to make the area a useable piece of land. A home building site is most of the reasons, to be honest. The owner decides to clear the land and either sell it as is or build a home and sell the property once construction is finished. From the land clearing all the way through site development, Nylund Inc. is the full-service excavation contractor to call in the Clark County Washington area.

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The ability to move the earth the way we do is uncanny

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Land Clearing for Safety Hazards

Maybe not the most popular reason for having to do land clearing and site excavation but probably the most important is when the land is a potential hazard to humans and structures. Nylund Inc. located in Brush Prairie, WA knows a way too well of the dangers that pose us here in the Pacific NW with the amount of rainfall we get in the winter and spring months and the dry heat we get in the summer and fall.

Dead trees, garbage, rotted stumps can fill an area and become hazards depending on its geographical location. If on a hillside and the area receives a high concentration of rainfall it can cause a landslide or on the other hand If there is an abundant amount of deadwood and overgrowth it can become a fire hazard as well.  

If you have the property that may have these issues, give Nylund Inc. a call, and we can come out and help your property become safe again. We offer an affordable and professional land clearing solution.

Land Clearing Can Make the Property Beautiful

It is a great feeling to see a property before and after the land clearing or excavation. What the experts at Nylund Inc can do with their machines is true artwork. We come in and remove only unwanted materials and deadwood to make the land pop again. It is amazing to see the matured trees and natural underbrush in full bloom when all the overgrowth and garbage has been removed.

Nylund Inc. is offering services in Clark County Washington and its cities from La Center Washington to Vancouver Washington and East to Washougal Washington. We offer full services in Land Clearing; Tree Removal; Stump Removal; Full Service Excavation; Sewer Line Repair, Replacement, and Installation; Hauling Gravel, Dirt, & Sand;

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