Excavation Services

Nylund Inc. offers a wide range of Excavation services in and around Clark County, WA, including Site Development, Road and Driveway installation, Retaining Wall Construction, Trenching, Digging, and Building Demolition. 

Site Development

Whether it’s preparing a site for a commercial building in Vancouver, WA. Or preparing the site for individual homes in Ridgefield, WA.

Nylund Inc is capable of providing site development at an affordable cost.

With our equipment and drive to do things right, Nylund Inc will have the ground ready to build on in no time.

Road & Driveway

Gravel is an economical choice for private roads or driveways in Clark County, WA
With Nylund Incs different size trucks and equipment, we are able to get a solid layer of gravel in any space.
Nylund Inc travels throughout Clark County, WA and into Cowlitz, County, WA. Even if you live in Kalama, WA give Nylund Inc a call today!

Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining walls are important in areas such as Brush Prairie, WA
Retaining walls keep unwanted dirt and hills from encouraging on your house. Nylund Inc has the necessary equipment to install concrete retaining walls on your property.
Building a home in Camas, WA? Call Nylund Inc today to schedule a free estimate.


Need a trench dug in Battle Ground, WA? Thinking about doing it yourself? Call Nylund Inc instead, and save yourself the possibility of an injury.
Trenching is serious business, best done right by an experienced contractor like Nylund Inc. 
Trenching is common for installing sewer pipes, and various utilities. Remember, any trench 5 feet or deeper needs some manner of trenching safety technique in use.


Looking to flatten some ground in Yacolt, WA? Want a pond dug in La Center, WA?

Nylund Inc is capable of helping you with any excavating need. From excavating for basements to digging out for pools,
 Nylund Inc is who you want when it’s time to dig. Give us a call today!


Sometimes the old has to make way for the new. Nylund Inc has experience meeting the necessary requirements for demolishing residential buildings.
From old mobile homes in Ridgefield, WA to small homes in Woodland, WA Nylund Inc is capable of properly getting rid of unwanted property.

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Sewer Services

Nylund Inc. has the know-how to properly tackle a variety of sewer line repairs and replacements

Brush Clearing

Nylund Inc. service of Brush Clearing might be the most important and necessary service needed in the Pacific NW.  

Material Hauling

We can deliver rock, soil, and sand directly to your home or business location.

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