Know Before You Dig


Call 2 days before you dig: call 811 or go to

Nylund Inc. is one of Clark County Washington’s top sewer line experts and when a homeowner contacts us with a sewer line issue, its possible we could have a tremendous amount of trenching in our scope of work for that job.  

Now you might be thinking, we just jump in our mini excavator, dig up the ground above the pipe, fix the damaged area, and cover it back up and then get paid. Well you would be wrong my friend.

Along with water lines and sewer lines, there is a whole mess of other underground utilities that run through a property, and without having x-ray vision it is impossible to know exactly where they are and what height they might be sitting at.

If you as a homeowner or a contractor will be excavating or digging anywhere on your property, and by anywhere, I mean absolutely anywhere! It is a very important and critical to get all the utilities for the property and the neighborhood located by a utility location professional. The reason being if a utility line is damaged it can not only cause a significant problem for you and people living around you, but it can be extremely expensive to fix.

What you must know before you excavate or dig.

Contact your local Utility Locator 2 days before you dig. call 8-1-1

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Nylund Inc.

Locate First it’s the Law!

Nylund Inc. is an excavation contractor based out of Clark County Washington and in our state, it is the law to have all utilities located before we dig. The same goes for you as a homeowner or business property owner.

Washington State Law –

Underground Utilities: What are they?

Utility – A service provided by a city or public utility company, such as electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, phone lines, cable, garbage, internet, and more.

Underground Utilities – Pipes and cables that transport electricity, water, gas, and information to each residents and business in a city.

Color Code for Marking Underground Utility Lines

When the professional utility locator comes out to mark the area for digging, they will use a variation of colors to mark each service. These colors are important to know when you are on the jobsite and getting ready to start your work.

The American Public Works Association (APWA) provides a Uniform Color Code for marking underground utilities. These colors can be painted, chalked, staked and/or flagged to show locations of the individual lines or grouped lines and also shows the approximate direction and depth that they are running. These are only guidelines and estimates. Digging anywhere within 2’ of a line should be dug with extreme caution and if possible, by hand.

Having uniform color code allows contractors, excavators, utility companies, municipalities or anyone else who needs to work around the area be warned and notified that there are utility lines present. This not only in the law but can help prevent accidents and other serious issues.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner, contractor, or anyone who will be doing the actual digging to get the utility location done.




In Vancouver, WA we get a lot of rain and that tends to wash the location marks away in a shorter amount of time than some areas of the country. When a utility is located there is usually a 28-day maximum where the work can be done from the time the lines have been located.

Natural erosion tree root growth can also cause the movement of underground utility lines so having the location done just prior to work is the best and most assuring rout to take. Double check your local rules and regulations.


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Choose a Licensed Professional!

If a sewer line repair or servicing, site clearing, foundation work, pool install, or any other type of work that will need you to dig down into the soil you will need get a utility location done. Take the right steps to avoid accidents and infrastructure disruption that results more than you would like to think, by people who do not follow the rules and regulations for underground digging, set by your local cities and states.

Choosing Nylund Inc. ensures that you have the best local licensed and bonded professional excavation contractor in Clark County Washington. By implementing safety, proper permitting, and a strict attention to detail we get the job done efficiently and correctly.

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