How do you know which machine is the right one for the job?

I once had a boss who told me, “To be successful in business you have to put your aces in their places.” This is true when it comes to excavation projects. Each machine has specialized capabilities as well as the ability to produce similar outcomes as other machines. For instance a bulldozer is capable of pushing brush into a pile for land clearing, just as an excavator is capable of stacking the same brush in the same pile. So which one is the best for the job? The answer is, whichever one will achieve the desired outcome in the most efficient manner. To know this, one has to be familiar with each machines qualities

This is a decision that Nylund Inc faces on a daily basis as we perform excavation services throughout Vancouver WA and the surrounding areas such as Brush Prairie and Battle Ground. We have one mid-size excavator and a mid-size bulldozer along with a few smaller machines

We place a high focus on the job at hand,which shows through our quality workmanship.

Nylund Inc.

Caterpillar 312 Excavator

Our excavator is a phenomenal machine, it allows us to perform larger jobs more efficiently while still being small enough for easy maneuverability. It has a powerful diesel motor which produces over 90hp enabling the powerful hydraulics to lift over 18,000 pounds! It does weigh in at over 29,000 pounds itself, which can be one of its weaknesses when the ground gets wet. Its wide tracks help disperse the weight to prevent it from sinking on softer material. This excavator is well suited for moving lots of material in a short amount of time, like when it loads up our dump truck.

John Deere 550K Bulldozer

Our JD 550K dozer is a hills worst nightmare. It may not get it all moved in one pass but it will get it moved. One blade load at a time. It is designed to move material out of the way and leave a level space in its void. Its monstrous metal blade literally cuts into the earth as it transforms the landscape. It is easy to move dirt with a dozer, the tricky part is keeping the uncut earth smooth behind you. The operator has to be constantly compensating for the movement of the entire dozer and anticipating where he wants his blade to be. Bulldozers are also useful in pushing any sort of debris, whether it be gravel for a new driveway or like I mentioned earlier, brush into a pile.

It’s monstrous metal blade literally cuts into the earth as it transforms the landscape.

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So which machine for this job?

We chose to use our excavator to take care of this yard full of brush in Vancouver WA . Why? A couple reasons, first the ground was so muddy our dozer would have ended up pushing more mud than brush. Second, as you can see in the above photo, we burned immediately while stacking. The excavator is much more efficient at maintaining a burn pile than the dozer. We even used an i-beam and got the ground somewhat level with the excavator.

Have a better understanding?

All that being said, do you have a better understanding of how to choose the right equipment for your project? If need be, Nylund Inc is only a short message away. Jared loves to take on more work, and is always looking for ways to improve and grow with the community. Here at Nylund Inc we strive to be the best local excavating service in Vancouver WA. Don’t be hesitant to contact us if you live farther out. We have traveled to lots of localities such as Amboy, Ridgefield, Kelso, and Camas just to name a few places! 

Nylund Inc is dedicated to you, it is our mission to do things right the first time around! If you see our vehicles around town, don’t be afraid to wave and say hello. Our crew is very people orientated!